What are friends for:

A true friend doesn’t mind getting woken up in the middle of the night and retrieving a OEM number for windows 95. Last night I called up my friend paul who lives in Blacksburg , VA with the hopes that he had an OEM number which I so badly needed. Sure enough I asked and he said hold on and I heard some velcro tear and he read off the numbers for me.

Hard on for hard drives:

My hard drive crashed again. That’s the second hard drive Ive had crash in the past year. I think it has something to do with my computer being in the kitchen and sitting right behind the microwave. But im not %100 sure on that. Most of the bar napkins stuff was backed-up BUT all the pictures ive taken are gone, expect for the ones that are stored on the bar napkins server and the few unreleased pictures stored on my SyQuest drive. From now on I am doing monthly back-ups.

Apologies don’t mean shit:

Sorry I haven’t been posting. First reason (see above) the other because I’ve been trying to move from one apartment to the other and when you get to to span it out in a weeks period instead of one day nothing get done especially when the only thing at the new place is 133 DVDs, a TV, a 5 video game systems including Nintendo game cube with tony hawk three and a computer that needs a s-load of work.

Congrats to kyle chalk on his 2003 audi A4 QUATTRO, one word……butter….

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i know its been slow around here lately, but i finally have moved all of my things to raleigh. Specifically my computer so i can once again resume with late night posts, cause thats probably the only time they ever happen. let me just say for starters that i am all about the new Santana/Michelle Branch song. It fuckn rules. This week i leave for a long weekend in wisconsin. I am really excited about it, i havent been there in forever and i love all our friends there. I was born in cedarburg, wisconsin and lived there till i was in 5th grade, so alot of my early life was spent there, but i dont really consider it my home. Mainly because my most formative years were the three that i spent in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The only thing i am not looking forward to is fuckin flying. This will be the first time i have done it in a long time and i had a hard time with it before, but now its a whole other story. hopefully ill take some disposable cameras and get some shit for ryan to scan fo yo asses to look at. Im sure my greenville cats would like something new to gawk at. aight rookies. glate

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